Scrap Gold Refining

Precious metal refiners you can trust are few and far between . This my business , we look after the people who look after us.

Gold miners with alluvial, nuggets and etc will all find our knowledge unsurpassed. Give us a call , give us a try and never return to your previous provider of refining services.

Dental laboratories can send us gold crowns , filings , teeth, vacuum bags, sweepings all will be treated in the same careful manner providing the dental trade with the best possible return.

Trust is so important in any trade and no more important than here in the precious metal refining trade. Call us for contacts in your trade
Who are using us repeatedly.

Second hand dealers here in south East Queensland need not send there refining interstate with the constant fear of theft.
Call us we come to you, no pressure , just the plain facts.

Fast returns, great fees and a personalised service, we believe you won't find better.

If its precious call us, it maybe your old watch cases, a bag of emery paper, polishing wheels, even old workshop carpet, castings,
Broken jewellery, silver ware, granules, plate, wire, talk to us we can help.

Unlock your trapped precious metal assets .

All assays conducted cover gold silver platinum and palladium.

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